Monthly Archives: November 2013


We apologize, we have another time change! It is the same as a few weeks ago. Times are as follows:

Round 1: 11:30am EST

Round 2: 3pm EST

Round 3: 6:30pm EST

Round 4: 9:30pm EST

Forget how to play? Here are the RULES.

Send in your clue ideas via twitter using #tunetuesclues! If we use your clue, you could win some polish!

Tune Tues Clues!

Have a great idea for a clue? We want to use it! Send in your clue using #TuneTuesClues. If we feature your clue for a round, we will send you one nail polish color of your choice! Just make sure the clue uses a Zoya color :)


Hello Tune Tues peeps!NEW TIMES UPDATE! The new times to play are as follows:

6pm EST

7pm EST

8pm EST

9pm EST

You will still have a full hour to play, and we will announce the winners followed by the next clue! So make sure to change those alarms again and tell your friends! Remember, your answers should look something like this to be considered: @Zoyanailpolish Taylor @TaylorSwift #Tunetues

So see everyone at 6pm! :)