Monthly Archives: January 2014

Tune Tuesdays: 1/14/2014 – 3pm

Second Round…


Color Clue


Round 2: This luxurious deep purple is no stranger to danger – watch out for “Trouble ahead, trouble behind..” #tunetuesclues

Example Answer


@ZoyaNailPolish: Casey, Grateful Dead #tunetues


See Zoya Nail Polish in Casey here.



Tune Tuesdays: 12/31/13 – 4:30pm

Third Round…

Color Clue

Round 3: 90′s Alert! Only this Zoya color could fight over a boy through a song and end up friends with Brandy

Example Answer

@ZoyaNailPolish: Monica @MonicaBrown #tunetues

See Zoya Nail Polish in Monica here.