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Tune Tuesdays: 9/24/13 – 11:30am

First Round…

Color Clue

Round 1: This New Zealand singer’s real name is ____ but prefers to go by
her stage name & has dreams of being part of a royal family #tunetues

Example Answer

@ZoyaNailPolish: Ella @LordeMusic #tunetues

See Zoya Nail Polish in Ella here.





New Times for Tune Tues!

In order to give everyone a chance to participate and win #TuneTues (west coast AND east coast) …we are going to try out some new times next Tuesday (Sept 24th).

Round 1: 11:30 am EST

Round 2: 3:00 pm EST

Round 3: 6:30 pm EST

Round 4: 9:30 pm EST

REMEMBER: Each round is an hour, and we will choose 3 random winners who answer correctly within that hour. Example Answer: @ZoyaNailPolish: Demi @ddlovattc #tunetues

So get your thinking caps on and play with us! You may win the color of the song or artist AND your choice in another Zoya color!

See the How To Play page for more details on the contest!

Tune Tuesdays: 9/17/13 – 9am

First Round…

Color Clue

Round 1: This song won a Grammy for best rock song in 2007 and is a representation of every girl the lead singer ever met. #tunetues

Example Answer

@ZoyaNailPolish: Dani (Dannii) @chillipeppers #tunetues

See Zoya Nail Polish in Dannii here.